There are a few tricks you can use to make your BT Hub more productive and work nicer, without replacing the Hub with a third-party alternative.

  1. Dynamic DNS
    • Give your home a web address using DDNS, which updates the web records automatically if your IP address changes (after a reboot for example)
      • Go to Advanced Settings > Broadband > Dynamic DNS
      • Sign up with a provider, like DtDNS who will give you a free or paid-for web address
      • Your home devices can then be accessed remotely (after port forwarding is configured) using
  2. Port Forwarding
    • Connect to your PC from home without using third party tools
      • Go to Advanced Settings > Firewall > Port Forwarding
        • You can configure individual ports to different devices
        • A DMZ will redirect all ports to a device
        • Devices may only be listed if set using BT’s DHCP server
  3. Alternative DHCP Server
    • Using a different device to serve DHCP offers more flexibility such as custom DNS servers and a better interface for managing reservations
    • However from experience, to use the other features of the Hub (Port Forwarding, Firewall), it requires the DHCP to detect devices
      • To get around this, configure the BT’s DHCP range to only cover the required devices – e.g. – .3
      • Set the lease to the maximum period of 21 days
      • Other devices will be able to negotiate with your DHCP server without issue
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