The Encryption Revolution

This site runs on CloudFlare, as the host isn’t 100% reliable; the quickest way to see that is from the SSL Certificate. Alas, it is also this injected process and certificate that prompted some insecure content to be displayed. It’s nice to see browsers handle mixed content better, but unfortunately that mixed content consisted of all the graphics and stylesheets. ‘Flexible SSL’ means that CloudFlare was requesting HTTP data then masquerading it as HTTPS. (more…)

Sonos, SonicWalls and Wireless

The Sonos Mobile App allows you to control your wireless speaker… wirelessly. However on corporate networks, the LAN and WLAN will be segregated  as a security measure (as it should be). Thanks to a difference in detection methods if you use a SonicWall, the Sonos mobile app will not work although the Windows application on a wireless laptop will. (more…)